I have personally lost 4 deeply loved ones in the past two years. This has brought me to a place of questioning my process. What the hell is it all for? Hard training, dietary restrictions, hypothermia, hyperthermia, fasting, and consuming horrible-tasting cocktails containing “phyto-protective” agents…what’s the point? All of this stuff is really hard!

It seems like the most important part of my life is beyond my control. Those are the people (and animals) I have a connection to. It turns out, these connections have a surprisingly strong link to our healthspan in and of themselves. The data on it is quite surprising. I did a live talk on connection and its effect on healthspan and recorded it. Please watch it and let us know any comments or questions you may have.

The bottom line for me is, upon surveying those I love, they genuinely want me to continue my pursuit. It seems they are as grateful for me as I am for them. That alone is worth any hardship of the process.

This Thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for each other. Please, especially, reach out to anyone locked down in isolation. Make a phone call and a connection to those you love who need it most.