I have had the honour of working with our acupuncturist (also providing acupressure massage) since before her now teenage son was born. She has been a mainstay in my own personal training recovery protocol. I could go on and on about her, but I’ll let her other patients tell you. She only has 7 appointment slots available this year. If you want to get in for a COVID-19-safe treatment, please email info@fitnessscience.ca to book. First come, first served.


Wanping Kao


Appointments available are:


Saturday, Dec 19 – 9h30
Wed, Dec 23 – 16h00
Sunday, Dec 27 – 9h30, 11h00
Thur, Dec 31 – 10h00,13h00, 14h30


Client Testimonials 


“Wanping is excellent. She takes care to assess my needs when I arrive and has helped ease my neck/shoulder tension. She is knowledgeable, prompt, and professional.”
Joyce Wu


“Wanping helped me through a critical hip injury. She also helped with the overall healing of the rest of my body. Wanping would quite often spend extra time to attain the results needed.

Thanks Wanping…”
Don Walmsley


“Wanping is incredible.  Her knowledge of the human body is masterful.  She listens and responds effectively.  She has helped to cure my lower back pain and continues to keep my body functioning with her incredible acupressure sessions.  I highly recommend her. She can help you feel better!”
Lisa Binkley


“Wanping has helped me with everything from light aches and pains to more serious injuries. Her treatments got my lower back pain under control when four years of other kinds of treatments failed. She is absolutely amazing!”
Keltie Forsyth


“Wanping is something of a wizard. She knows the body so well and has worked wonders on my chronically tight shoulders and neck. I highly recommend her services.”
Jennifer Muller


 “I have tried many massage therapists over the years, but only Wanping can go beyond the surface and deep into the muscle consistently! My body is always completely loosened after visiting her!”
Jake Xu


“Wanping has been a huge help to give me pain relief from various injuries over the years.  Her vast medical knowledge combined with her expertise and  incredible skill at acupressure and acupuncture make her top in this field.  I highly recommend her and I personally would not go to anyone else.”
Sharon Curl


“Wanping muscle magic was key in my successful completion of my ironman event.”
David Vickars


“Over many years, I have been a patient of many massage therapists/ acupuncturists. Wanping is the only massage therapist/acupuncturist that has truly helped me. Whether it is my upper back or knees or hips or shoulders or feet, she has corrected the issue. And usually in less than 3 visits. Most times after the first treatment.
She a wonderful listener to your problem(s) and she can find other areas that you didn’t know about and help you feel better.
She has helped out my 88 year old mother too.
I highly recommend Wanping!”
Lisa Robison


“Wanping is incredible, I’m not someone who ever has massages to relax, so when I have been to see Wanping it is for very specific creaks and wonkyness that have lurked onto me. Wanping is able to identify my issue, and identify secondary issues that may have emerged as a result of twisting up to compensate for the main issue. Treatments are precise, focused, and kind, and always leave me slightly less wonky and creaky. I’d 110% recommend.”
Simon Harris