Are you sick of resistance bands yet? We’re not! ūüėČ

Here is the third of a series of workouts we’ve put together for you using resistance bands.

We love resistance bands because they are easy to transport and tuck away, and they are perfect for adding a challenge to your at-home workout, without needing bulky weights. If you travel, you can easily take them with you on the road, or you can take them to the park down the street for a change of workout scenery.

Resistance Bands:

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Yellow offers the least amount of resistance and is for recovery from injuries, etc ($15).

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Red: medium resistance ($20)

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Black: most resistance ($25)

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Band Strength Circuit Workout #3 

First of all, here are some advantages of using a resistance band in your workout:

Secondly, here’s how to properly anchor a resistance band:

2-3 Rounds – 1-2 minutes between
Work Interval = 15-20 repetitions
– so you hold form the whole set. Match Left to Right
1. Chop with Weight Shift Right
2. Standing Right Arm Row

3. Chop with Weight Shift Left (as above)

4. Standing Left Arm Row (as above)