This is our second set of workouts utilizing the resistance bands.

We love incorporating resistance bands into our workouts because they are portable, perfect for at-home or backyard/park workouts, and come in a variety of strengths.

In case you missed our first resistance band workout, here’s where to find that.

Here’s how to ensure that your resistance bands are properly anchored to avoid any mishaps:

Buy your resistance bands here:

Buy yours here:
Yellow (least resistance) $15
Red (mid-resistance) $20
Black (most resistance) $25

Resistance Band Workout II

2-3 Rounds – 1-2 minutes between
Work Interval = 15-20 repetitions
– so you hold form the whole set. Match Left to Right.
Rest Interval = Minimize but such that you can still hold form.
1) Static Lunge Right Forward Loaded:

2) Standing Right Arm Press

3) Static Lunge Left Forward Loaded (see above)
4) Standing Left Arm Press (see above)