SpotsArt, C535U, Foundation Upright Cycle


SportsArt cycles are self-generating; no-outside power source required. Users will enjoy the built in wireless Polar® HR receiver and multiple language options (English, Spanish and French).

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• Fore-mid-aft seat adjustment allows for optimal seat positioning

• Unique low profile shroud allows easy access

• Oversized pedals feature quick strap adjustment for easy customization

• Self-generating – no outside power source required.

• CSAFE port

• Headphone jack with built-in volume control (x2)

• USB port (x2) for device charging

• Optional iPod & iPhone 30-pin connector

• Optional SA Well+™ workout tracking function

• Optional MYE 900MHZ semi-integrated receiver*

• Cardio Advisor™ displays

• Wireless heart rate monitoring if paired with heart rate transmitter


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