Like most women, I thought I was overweight in my 20s and 30s (I was not), lost my fitness in my 40s due to being ‘busy’, became actually overweight, and reached my 49th birthday with sore joints and the need to buy larger clothing. Intermittent efforts during my 40s to get in shape were solo endeavors that involved doing too much too soon, resulting in injury. 

I thought I needed to get in shape before seeing a trainer. 

Not true.

Jason Chamney has been a steady presence in my journey back to fitness for the last 1.5 years. He has met me where my physical limits were and created goal-oriented, ever-changing fitness regimes for me to build my strength, endurance and re-kindle my love of fitness without injury. I am a busy physician and his fitness regimes fit into 20-35 minutes per day, or even 4-minutes per day in a pinch. I’ve completely changed my eating habits – a lifelong sustainable change where I am not hungry, and I don’t crave sweets. Even with my challenges and set-backs along the way, he has always been encouraging and supportive and there for me. 

Now, 20 pounds lighter and with much more muscle, I’ve regained something I thought I’d lost. My ability to do the activities I want, free from joint pain. I no longer cringe in mirrors and now buy new clothes because I want to. I do not believe my experience is unique and would encourage anyone facing the next 20-30 years (or more!) saddened by the idea of fitness loss, unwanted weight gain, and feeling hopeless about it, to consider Jason Chamney and his co-trainers at Fitness Science Corp. 

Laura Duggan, MD FRCPC

Associate Clinical Professor, UBC