fitness science consultant

Certified Yoga Instructor


Meditation Teacher

Reiki Practitioner

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Emily is trained in vinyasa and yin yoga; she is also a certified meditation teacher and reiki practitioner. She believes that a yoga practice should feel accessible to all bodies and that students should leave the mat feeling empowered. 

She brings this philosophy to Fitness Science to create her unique, challenging, and empowering yoga classes. After her first career in acting and comedy in Toronto, Emily felt drawn back to the west coast, and towards a life in movement healing. She believes in the healing power of a holistic movement practice, saying, “not only do we move the body but we talk about the mind and heart.” 

It’s a practice that has transformed her life and she loves to share it with others. She teaches in a way that encourages a sustainable practice so the body can keep moving and grooving for years to come.

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